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Individual counseling sessions are designed to help you achieve your mental and emotional health goals by empowering and teaching you to access your inner potential for healing. Treatment is tailored for each individual client based on specific needs and goals. Danielle's approach to counseling is rooted in tools and techniques that integrate and promote a "whole being" path to wellness through the mind, body, and energetic systems.

I have some questions for you!

Are you looking for something different from traditional talk therapy? Have you tried therapy before but you just don't quite feel like you made any progress or the changes you wanted to make?
If your ready to try give something new a try and use an approach that will empower you the tools to take control of your internal state so that you can feel better, think better, make better choices, improve your relationships, and not be so stressed out, I will show you the HOW!

Why choose counseling with Danielle:

I teach you how to really relieve your anxiety, anger, frustration, stress, guilt, and other overwhelming or problematic emotions that get in the way of your goals, dreams, and your day to day life. I start teaching you the tools you need, your first session after your initial intake.
If you're ready to learn, I'm ready to teach you. You are so much more powerful than you know. And you have the ability to work through what you're struggling with. With some guidance you'll finally have real tools that make a real difference in working with those pesky thoughts and emotions that keep you feeling blocked or stuck in life.

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The therapeutic relationship:

"You know yourself better than any therapist. I simply guide you in accessing your deepest levels, where your power and potential to learn, grow, and heal, reside. Together we create transformation from the inside out!"


Insurance Plans Accepted



1199 SEIUĀ 

UBH & UnitedHealth Care



Counseling Fees:

60 Minute Session $125

90 Minute Session $185

Hypnosis Fees:

Single 60 Minute Session $175

Complete 3 Session Package $435

Monthly Hypnosis Package $375